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DeNOx system for RDF combustion furnace

Plants: DeNOx

Application: wastes-to-energy ( WtE) 

Location: Italy

Guaranteed emissions: NOx < 80 mg/Nm3, NH3 slip < 10 mg/Nm3

05 SISTEMI DENOX_edited.jpg


The project is realized for an Italian company, specialized in wastes treatment and inceneration and involves NOx reduction system from  Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) combustion furnace. 




The requirement of the customer was to integrate a DeNOx system into an existing flue gas treatment plant without any alteration of the process. 




TVT have proposed the solution of NOx reduction with catalitic reactor, DeNOx SCR, which was implemented downstream the bag filter with an addition of a flue gas heating system in order to guarantee a min suitable temperature at DeNOx inlet. 

The DeNOx SCR plant is developed to treat around 42,000 Nm3/h of flue gas at a medium temperature of 180°C with an efficiency of around 50%. 


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